Alan Hansen famously proclaimed,
“You can't win anything with kids.”
But was he actually correct?


It’s been over 20 years since Alan Hansen wrote off Manchester United’s young guns and it’s something that’s stood long in people’s memories.

But while it’s universally thought that he was wrong, with 20-year-old Beckham, Scholes, Butt, the Neville brothers and Ryan Giggs (21) all lifting the trophy, they were supported by Peter Schmeichel, Steve Bruce, Gary Pallister and Steve Bruce, all in their 30s. So did they actually win it with ‘kids’? And is it possible to win the Premier League with them?

Can You Win Anything With ‘Kids’? analyses title winning squads since the Premier League’s inception to discover which teams won it with kids, aiming to dispel or cement the many myths surrounding the champions as well as finding out the perfect age to win the title.

How it Works

Looking at the age of every title winning player since the Premier League’s conception, Can You Win Anything With ‘Kids’? finds the average age for each squad and most common starting eleven based on number of appearances.

Each average starting eleven across the Premier League’s entirety is then averaged to reveal the perfect age to win the world’s most exciting league.

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